A Novel Approach to Optimization of Payback Period for DG-PV Hybrid Systems

July 29, 2015
Session W3A: Solar Storage and Incentives — Room 104
1:30 pm  -  2:30 pm

Intermittent grid supply forces many industries in developing countries to opt for diesel generators(D.G) for reliable power supply. A D.G + P.V hybrid solution is a very lucrative option if the right size of solar is installed while keeping in mind the inherent techno-commercial aspect of the solution. Our smart algorithm that solves for the best solar size by incorporating the inherent complexities of payback calculations and also factors like multiple DG/Sync panel logic, Ltr/KW consumption at various D.G loading, market subsidies, etc. Later, a sensitivity analysis on various significant parameters like DG fuel cost, DG reference loading and varying load profiles helps educate a customer to choose an optimally sized solar solution.