Case Study of a High-Education Building Utilizing Multiple Solar

July 30, 2015
Session R2D: Educational Facilities — Room 108
10:15 am  -  11:15 am

As a member of ASES since the seventies I have grown to appreciate one of our society’s real values – it creates in our conferences a forum wherein solar designers (typically the early adopters) are exposed to technologies (sometime just concepts – other times well advanced) that are very often outside of the designer’s current area of expertise. Personally, I entered ASES as a practitioner of passive solar and through the exposure to numerous other solar technological approaches, have developed considerable design expertise in a very wide range of solar technologies. This presentation will demonstrate how the employment of passive heating, natural ventilation (solar chimneys), daylighting, PV (grid-tied and internally utilized), solar absorption cooling, and solar radiant-floor heating are each optimized to reduce the energy consumption in this facility by close to 100,000 BTUs/sf/year.