Linking Indoor Environmental Quality to Health and Productivity in office buildings

July 28, 2015
Session T1C: How Balance Improves Quality of Life — Room 106
8:30 am  -  9:30 am

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) have a great impact on occupants’ productivity and satisfaction. The aim of this study is to present significant findings from literature review analysis of four IEQ components on health and occupant’s comfort and productivity. This study will be compared with Well Standard to synthesize and evaluate the impact of the occupant’s satisfaction in performance and well-being.

The study was conducted on office buildings typologies in the U.S. Indoor environmental conditions of air quality, thermal quality, lighting and acoustics quality were evaluated and user satisfactions with environmental qualities were also studied. The data were used to do co-relational analysis. Most of the decisions in regards to economic investments in retrofitting building are made based on the first cost rather than to achieve energy efficiency and high level of environmental quality. The study results provide evidences to modify office environmental design guideline to improve economic, health and environmental benefits.