Design and experimentation of a novel water-wall envelope component for passive/active heating and cooling

July 28, 2015
Session T1D: Passive Components — Room 108
8:30 am  -  9:30 am

The novel water-wall component system aims to provide a localized, tangible, and interactive system to increase one’s thermal comfort through natural energy flows. The system utilizes a design strategy similar to a Trombe wall, however in place of the opaque thermal mass wall it uses a transparent water-wall. The depth of the water-wall was designed for optimal visual clarity to the outdoors and optimal volumetric heat capacity. The water-wall uses hydronic heat exchange to move water on demand to an isolated storage tank. A flat-plate collector acts as a secondary, isolated gain system for heating and radiator for cooling, storing warmth and coolth during the day and night, respectively, for use in the water-wall. The component was tested and demonstrated significant cooling potential. Such a component has the potential to greatly reduce energy consumption and pollution from residential homes, while also improving the users’ psychological state and physical health.