Innovations Driving the Solar Thermal Industry into the Future

July 29, 2015
Session W4B: Solar Thermal’s Future: The Big Picture — Room 105
2:45 pm  -  3:45 pm

“While public policy related to renewable energy leads one to believe the majority of energy demand is for electricity, this is not the case. World-wide, the majority of energy is used for heat and this fact is often forgotten in the current discussion on energy policy changes. In general, applications below 100 C for space heating, domestic hot water and commercial processes is 65% of the total heat demand and 40% of final energy.

The innovations needed to open this market have been commercialized, but are not widely known. The industry is closer than most think to be able to capitalize on this opportunity. Technology improvements in the following area are key to wider acceptance of solar thermal systems.

Improved Collector Performance
Utilizing a Superior Heat Transfer Fluid
Design Optimization – Simpler is Better
Improved Bankability – Modeling Performance
Connectivity and System Stability”