Interdisciplinary Collaborative Studio and Energy

July 29, 2015
Session W1C: Studio Impact in Design — Room 106
8:30 am  -  9:30 am

Studio instructors have to establish meeting places for students to share concepts with one another. These places must support any combination of physical collocation and remote synchronous or asynchronous collaboration. The more combinations of concept sharing that are expected, the more intricate is the technological framework necessary that enables all these opportunities for collaboration whenever and however they arise.

Collaborative studios bring together students from various disciplines entail an even greater complexity with regard to how their meeting places function:
• Coursework about building systems and the software needed to analyze building systems must be coordinated with the need for that information in studio
• Reviewers must address every discipline presenting at reviews, and otherwise be available for consultation
• Dedicated computing processing power and access to it in order to accommodate creation/storage/retrieval/manipulation of shared model geometry by multiple designers must be provided.