New climate specific passive building standard for North America

July 28, 2015
Session T3D: High-Performance Buildings — Room 108
1:30 pm  -  2:30 pm

Over the past two years the Passive House Institute US in cooperation with Building Science Corporation have developed a new performance based climate specific passive building standard. The standard has been proposed as a new baseline for the PHIUS+/Zero Energy Ready Home program. Out of all the measures that can take a building to zero energy performance, passive building and low grade energy measures were identified as having the best economic potential to start out with before adding renewable energy measures to reach the goal of zero energy and beyond. The new proposed passive building standards propose performance metrics as design guidelines that identify the sweet spot between supply (renewables) and demand (conservation) based on climate and economic conditions first. The presenter will explain the research impetus, the building science reasoning behind it, methodology and results of the study.