Santa Cruz Multi-Modal Station

July 29, 2015
Session W1A: Systems of Movement and Transportation — Room 104
8:30 am  -  9:30 am

Combining transit that provides for density and mobility with solar is the next transit vision for meeting the challenge of a sustainable/resilient community. Solar powered ATN (automated transit networks) are an important way to address simultaneously the issues of urban design, architecture and energy, doing more with less as Buckminster Fuller would teach us. The Solar Skyways competition has inspired a multi-modal station project for downtown Santa Cruz, CA. This is the fourth year architecture student project at SIU (Southern Illinois University), the academic home of Buckminster Fuller. The new multi-modal station will include 14 buses, solar powered pod cars and parking for 140 bikes and 220 cars. The student designs must strive for net zero energy with passive design approaches and active solar energy.