Student-Driven Design in Architecture: Interacting with Passive Solar Techniques and Reclaimed Materials

July 29, 2015
Session W1A: Systems of Movement and Transportation — Room 104
8:30 am  -  9:30 am

First, stemming from a community-run sustainability competition, the Solar Garage seeks to be a proof of concept for small solar structures that use a repetitive structural frame for electric vehicles focused on reusing reclaimed or refurbished materials.
Second, the partnership and budget from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department necessitated the use of repurposed materials from larger-scale projects, and deconstruction of older buildings. This resulted in hands-on experience with architecture and design, and new ways of thinking.
Third: this project joins the 2002 Virginia Tech Solar Decathlon House and its photovoltaic array to revitalize the area. The vehicle is charged by the panels, while the building uses only passive solar techniques.
Fourth: the multidisciplinary team was conceived under the adjacent-possible mindset. The belief is that the interactions and boundaries between disciplines provided insight and potential for other research and design beyond the Solar Garage. This paper will discuss that experience.