Forum — The Great Solar Thermal Debate

July 29, 2015
Session W1B: The Great Solar Thermal Debate — Room 105
8:30 am  -  9:30 am

More than 50% of global final energy consumption today is for the production of heat (and cooling). With solar thermal technology that is currently at least 4 times as efficient as PV in turning our sun’s rays into useful energy, it’s abundantly clear that solar heating and cooling can effectively address what constitutes more than half of our global energy demand.

This forum will feature innovative technology, policy and implementation practices geared toward reducing the largest fraction of unsustainable energy use on our planet. All who strive to reduce overall energy consumption in our built environment will benefit from this lively discussion that features industry experts who are at the forefront of their craft. Continuing a proud tradition for ASES’ Solar Thermal Technical Division, the goal of this forum is to demonstrate the critical role that solar thermal technology plays in the reduction of carbon emissions.