Vermont Law School’s new Energy Clinic: Developing and Implementing Models for Community Solar Ownership

July 28, 2015
Session T4C: Systems Integration: Buildings, Environment, Law — Room 106
2:45 pm  -  3:45 pm

The new Energy Clinic at Vermont Law School takes a community-minded approach by helping locals develop solar projects that yield both environmental and economic benefits. Student clinicians come from a cross section of VLS programs including Masters of Energy Regulation and Law, LLM in Energy Law, and JD students. In this presentation the leader of the Energy Clinic will discuss the development of the Energy Clinic, the benefits of experiential educations, significant progress we have made to date on expanding opportunities for community solar ownership, and thoughts on how this hands on experiential program can be integrated into our leading distance learning program. We will discuss our unique methods for experiential learning, real case studies we have used to advance the understanding of community solar, and outline our unique model for community solar ownership.