Dr. Naim R. Darghouth

Dr. Naïm Darghouth conducts research and analysis on renewable energy policy, including electricity rate design and its impact on the customer economics of solar photovoltaics and its deployment, having authored over 25 peer-reviewed journal publications, LBNL reports, and conference proceedings on a variety of solar- and wind-related topics. Naïm has a PhD in Energy and Resources from UC Berkeley, and holds a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University and the Georgia Institute of Technology, respectively, as well as a master’s degree in the Energy and Resources Group at UC Berkeley.


July 30, 2015
Impacts of Retail Electricity Rate Feedback, Rate Design, and Photovoltaic Compensation Mechanisms on Distributed Solar Deployment in the United States
Session R1A: Active and Passive Policies that are Working — Room 104
9:00 am  -  10:00 am