Dr. Paul Henshaw

Paul Henshaw received his Bachelor’s in Science (Chemistry) in 1982 and Bachelor’s of Engineering Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1985 from the University of Western Ontario. He then worked for three years as a designer of HVAC and industrial ventilation systems. In 1988 he entered graduate studies at the University of Windsor to earn his M.A.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Environmental Engineering. He was hired as an Assistant Professor at the University of Windsor in 1997. He has been a licensed Professional Engineer in the province of Ontario since 1987. As a summer student in 1984, he worked for SunRay Solar Systems in Windsor, Ontario, and is now on a sabbatical to “return to” the study of solar thermal energy systems.


July 28, 2015
Caching the Sun: A Review of Seasonal Solar Thermal Storage
Session T3D: High-Performance Buildings — Room 108
1:30 pm  -  2:30 pm