Richard Komp

Dr. Richard J. Komp

Richard Komp, PhD, has researched and experimented with solar and other renewable energy technologies since 1060. Dr. Komp is the foremost expert on backyard solar do-it-yourself projects. Dr. Komp is the author of several books including Practical Photovoltaics, Revised 3rd Edition, which has been called “the easiest and most complete education on photovoltaics.” He is the Director/Co-founder of Skyheat Associates,, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting public awareness and use of solar energy and energy conservation. He is President of Maine SolIar Energy Association and Sunwatt Corporation. Komp volunteers most of his time helping those with no income or electricity in third world countries become energy and economically self-sufficient. He has pioneered PV module production as a cottage industry in Maine, Nicaragua, Haiti, Peru, Mali, Rwanda, Pakistan and many other places, now in Indonesia.


July 28, 2015
Supporting Nicaraguan Sustainability by Improving the Improved Cookstove
Session T2C: Optimizing Water and Energy — Room 106
9:45 am  -  10:45 am
July 30, 2015
Making a Solar Cell Phone Charger
1:30 pm  -  5:00 pm