Gregory Wright

Gregory Wright is a conceptual futurist and solar advocate who has long understood that humanity’s core project is saving our only planet from us — necessitating relentlessly creative design, ecological thinking, and brilliant technology. I’ve pursued this challenge in the pages of Solar Today magazine, in articles describing everything from “Skyscraper Solar Spires” (1998) to a program of (literally) distributed solar photovoltaic panels in America’s Iraq Reconstruction program (2007) that could have been our one lasting positive contribution there, but sadly wasn’t. Now the world is in a race against carbon and time to salvage some of the rapidly disappearing interglacial Holocene Epoch, and solar energy will be a big player in that. Which is why I’m at Solar 2015 hoping to inspire architects and city planners to think big and create Super Solar Shade Structures across the world’s sunbelt.


July 29, 2015
Super Solar Shade Structures for “Community Shading” and Community Solar Power
switch~ — President's Hall 1
5:30 pm  -  6:30 pm