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Dr. Jose Etcheverry

Jose Etcheverry is associate professor in the Faculty of Environmental Studies of York University. Dr. Etcheverry’s research is centred on climate change mitigation and renewable energy policies with a focus on practical policy solutions, collaborative approaches and effective communication strategies.
Dr. Etcheverry is Co-Chair of the Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI) of York University. The SEI is a research and training organization that involves the Faculty of Environmental Studies, the Toronto Region and Conservation Authority and international organizations such as Aalborg University, the Universidad de Taracapá, and the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy. The SEI was established to develop innovative pedagogical, research, and knowledge mobilization opportunities to advance renewable energy solutions in Canada and around the world.
Dr. Etcheverry is a founding member of the International Renewable Energy Agency’s Learning Partnership and the RETScreen International Training Institute. He is a member of the Committee of Chairpersons of the World Council for Renewable Energy, a member of the experts network of Go 100% Renewable Energy and member of the Innovation Network of the Japan Renewable Energy Foundation.


July 29, 2015
100% Renewables Campaign
switch~ — President's Hall 1
5:30 pm  -  6:30 pm
July 30, 2015
Forum — Shine Time 2015: Being Part of the Renewable Energy Media and the Message
Session R2C: Shine Time 2015: Being Part of the Renewable Energy Media and the Message — Room 106
10:15 am