Mr. Mark D. Thornbloom

Mark Thornbloom has spent his entire career in solar energy. He worked for thirteen years at the FSEC in solar thermal applied research and development. There, he conducted solar thermal collector testing and certification, tested solar equipment to ASHRAE and ISO standards, maintained the testing facility with the computer engineer and technicians, and assisted international universities in developing solar thermal testing labs and certification programs. He also conducted research on liquid desiccants and solar cooling. He then worked for Schuco USA where he conducted siting and sizing of solar thermal and PV systems for residential and commercial applications, installed systems as a manufacturer’s rep and for OJT training, helped integrate European equipment into the US market and conducted training for factory-trained solar thermal installers. Later, he worked for Viessmann Manufacturing where he oversaw the implementation of the company’s solar thermal activities throughout the US. For over a decade he has also been Principal of Kelelo Engineering, a small engineering consulting firm specializing in commercial and industrial solar thermal systems. Through this work, Mark has developed the most diverse solar cooling portfolio in the U.S. Kelelo has also provided sustainable solutions through micro-entreprise through technical assistance in the U.S., Caribbean and central Africa in diverse projects such as micro hydro-mechanical turbines and waterwheels, solar air conditioning, and solar thermal feasibilities for the poultry industry. Mark has also given workshops to numerous audiences and is a regular workshop presenter at the annual ASES conference. Mark holds a P.E. in Florida and a MSME from CSU where his thesis was on the impact of flow rates on heat exchange effectiveness in solar thermal systems. He has volunteered extensively on the boards of SRCC, ASES, ASME Solar Division, and others.


July 29, 2015
Forum — The Great Solar Thermal Debate
Session W1B: The Great Solar Thermal Debate — Room 105
8:30 am  -  9:30 am
New Developments in Solar Cooling
Session W4B: Solar Thermal’s Future: The Big Picture — Room 105
2:45 pm  -  3:45 pm