Ms. Gabrielle Rossetti

Gabrielle Rossetti is the Community Builder at HeatSpring, an online learning company offering courses in clean energy and sustainability, including solar. Gabrielle started her career in energy at the Department of Energy and joined HeatSpring in 2014. She’s passionate about empowering girls and women via education. HeatSpring recently partnered with to launch the Solar Women Summer Series, an online magazine series featuring women in the industry. The series provides career insights, resources, and other valuable information for women currently in the industry or considering transitioning into the industry. HeatSpring also hopes the series will encourage more women to invest time pursuing solar education. To-date, less than 6% of HeatSpring’s solar students have been women. To learn more visit:


July 29, 2015
Women in Solar Energy (WISE) Lunch
12:00 pm  -  1:30 pm