Ms. Lara B. Fowler

Lara Fowler is a mediator and an attorney who focuses on environmental and natural resource law, including all things water. Prior to joining Penn State in 2012, she worked on public policy issues for the Oregon Water Resources Department, attended the University of Washington School of Law, and practiced with a law firm in Seattle, Washington. As a private practitioner, she mediated issues such groundwater storage rights in the greater Los Angeles area; chronic flooding issues in Washington State’s second largest river basin; and reallocation of water supplies in Oregon’s Deschutes River Basin. In addition, she counseled private clients on various regulatory matters, both water and energy related. She now holds a joint appointment as a Senior Lecturer at Penn State Law and a Research Fellow with the Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment. In this role, she is researching how water and conflict play out in a region that includes Marcellus Shale development, the Chesapeake Bay, and flood prone rivers. She has also started researching the law and policy implications of biofuel development, helping co-author a chapter entitled U.S. Law & Policy and the Biofuel Industry (forthcoming in 2015 in a book about biofuel law and policy in a variety of countries across the world).


July 28, 2015
Forum — Solar, water, and the law
Session T3C: Solar, Water, and the Law — Room 106
1:30 pm  -  2:30 pm