Prof. Marc E. Schiler

Perhaps Professor Schiler is best known for his work on the Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall in remediating the glare issues without destroying the iconic aesthetics. He continues to consult on buildings and, fortunately, they have avoided public focus because the problems were solved before they were built.

Professor Schiler has published over 100 papers and given television interviews and guest lectures around the world. He has written and edited multiple editions of six books. At the same time, he has consulted on over 30 buildings and most important of all, taught over 3,000 students about climate responsive Architecture, Environmental Controls and minimizing carbon footprint. He has been the Director of the Building Science program and the Vice Dean at the USC School of Architecture. But if asked, he makes it clear that of all his work, it’s probably the students that will have the most enduring and greatest impact. And it’s also the part that he likes best.


July 28, 2015
Emerging Architecture – Solar Decathlon: Help or Hindrance to Carbon-Neutral Buildings?
Emerging Architecture — Room 108
4:00 pm  -  6:00 pm
July 29, 2015
Sage on the Stage AND Guide at the Side: Teaching Strategies and Experiences in Preparing ZNE Capable Architecture Students
Session W2C: Active Learning and Engaged Scholarship — Room 106
9:45 am  -  10:45 am