Ulrike Passe

Prof. Ulrike Passe

Ulrike Passe is Associate Professor of Architecture and Director of the Center for Building Energy Research at Iowa State University, USA teaching architectural design and environmental technologies. She received her Diplom – Ingenieur in Architecture from the Technical University in Berlin, Germany in 1990 and is a licensed architect in Germany. Her work experience includes 15 years of architectural practice specializing in energy efficient buildings and six years faculty at the Technical University in Berlin before coming to the Unites States in 2009.

Ulrike Passe’s multidisciplinary research studies space as environmental technology especially natural ventilation and passive solar. In 2009 she led the ISU Solar Decathlon Team, which created the basis for her current research Further funded research include “The fluid-dynamics of Air-Flow in Free-flow Open Space: An Architectural Approach to Energy Efficient Building” (Boston Society of Architects) in 2007/8 and an NSF EFRI EAGER grant “Multi-scale material and dynamic thermo-fluid computational models and controls for sustainable buildings using efficient energy harvesting materials” (2013-15). Passe also leads the building science plank in the Iowa NSF EPSCoR project “Harnessing Energy in the Biosphere to Build Sustainable Energy Systems” (2011-16). She is the lead author in the new publication with Francine Battaglia “Designing Spaces for Natural Ventilation: an Architect’s Guide (Routledge 2015). She has als published in major peer-reviewed journals and lectured widely internationally.


July 30, 2015
Five years on….building science research with a Solar Decathlon home
Session R1B: Sustainable Design: From Course to Community — Room 105
9:00 am  -  10:00 am