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The switch~ format will be 5 minute long presentations of 20 auto-advancing slides (just like Ignite). The speaker is not given much time and has no slide control! The mission is to present a story or idea about energy or sustainability that inspires and excites an audience containing lots of energy professionals and others pursuing our sustainable energy future.

When: July 29th, 5:30pm

What: switch~ is about sharing sustainable energy ideas in an engaging, rapid-fire format. The “lightning talks” concept is similar to TEDx and Ignite, where speakers have just a few minutes to present and inspire the audience about their topic.

switch~ is a place for energy change-makers to spread leading-edge ideas and network with other clean energy professionals who are driving social change and industry innovation.

Robert Ferry and Elizabeth Monoian Renewable Energy is Beautiful
Timothy Hass Become an Environmental Superhero!
Arul Varman Design and fabrication of Solar sprayer
Song Jinyoung Photovoltaic potentials in the mining industry : A new strategy for mine reclamation
Robert Stayton Power Conquers Energy
Darryl Thayer Proof solar + storage works
Carly Rixham Great Ball of Fire
Bill Korb Let Your Roof Earn Cash!
Jose Etcheberrry 100% Renewables Campaign
Dave Renne ISES-ASES-Chapters: Working Together on 100% Renewable Energy World for All
Paulette Middleton The Energy Transformation: You,Me,Our Friends, “The Others”
Gregory Wright Super Solar Shade Structures for “Community Shading” and Community Solar Power
Lucas Dixon Sharing is Caring


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